Cancellations & Refunds

Before Employer/Buyer cancels a Service/Project, we recommend them to communicate with the Seller in the WorkStream and express his concerns so that the Freelancer has an opportunity to address them. Most issues can be sorted out efficiently with simple communication and Freelancers on care about keeping their clients happy. If the Buyer/Employer is not able to communicate with the Freelancer or communication with the Freelancer is not working and the Buyer/Employer feels that the Freelancer is not adhering to the Rules of engagement then the Buyer can also contact Customer Support for assistance to get the Service/Project back on track.

1.1 Cancellation of a Service/Project

After the Commencement of a Service/Project, the Buyer or Seller may request a cancellation:

The requestor must notify the other party of the cancellation by placing a message in the WorkStream. Alternatively, if there are funds in the Safe Deposit Account and the Buyer/Employer believes that they are entitled for a refund (subject to Section 1.2), the Buyer/Employer can notify the Freelancer of the cancellation by requesting a refund using the “Request Refund” action on the WorkStream.

If the Buyer/Employer fails to notify the Seller/Freelancer in the WorkStream that he wishes to cancel the Project and the Project is subsequently completed, the Buyer/Employer must pay for the service delivered in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Once notified of a cancellation:

The Freelancer should stop working on the Service/Project immediately;

The parties should agree in the WorkStream what payment is necessary for any work completed (or time spent, if it is a per hour Custom Project). If the cause of the cancellation was not due to the circumstances defined in Section 1.2 the Seller/Employer is entitled to request payment at minimum equal to the value of the deposit funds held in the Safe Deposit Account.

1.2 Refund Policy

Buyer/Employer and Seller/Freelancer may mutually agree to a refund for reasons other than the previous clause however authorization of such refunds will be subject to a review by maanagaram team, as defined in Section 1.3

Refunds are only applicable to funds held in the Safe Deposit Account. Funds should only be paid out of the Safe Deposit Account once the Buyer is satisfied that the Service/Project (or any agreed milestone deliverables) has been completed. By releasing funds from the Safe Deposit Account the Buyer accepts that this money is non-refundable.

Buyers/Employers should NEVER file a dispute or reverse a payment through their Credit card company or Bank. Attempts to seek refunds in this way will lead to the Buyer's account being permanently suspended and may attract legal actions.

1.4 Refund & Cancellation Penalties

Users are strictly discouraged from causing cancellations and refunds. Refunds will impact Users standing in the maanagaram marketplace as follows:

Where the Seller is at fault for the refund (for example, due to no response, poor quality of work or they have cancelled the Project), it will negatively impact their Seller status and rankings;

Where the Buyer is found to be the cause for the refund (for example, an early cancellation due to a change in their business need) it will negatively impact their Buyer status;

Multiple refunds attributed to a User will lead to temporary and/ or permanent restrictions on their account depending upon the severity. will process approved (or non-actioned) refund requests back to the Buyer's Wallet subject to a review of the refund reason and circumstances to ensure that both parties have complied with these terms and conditions, and that the purpose of the refund is not to avoid any of the parties' obligations under these terms and conditions. If reasonably believes that the parties have not complied with these terms and conditions or are seeking to avoid any such obligations shall not be obliged to make the refund.